• Dunkin Donuts


    I found a link to a Google video of Angela in the pleather Dunkin Donuts Commercial. Check it out.

    I also added a small screenshot from that commercial in the Photos section.

  • Guestbook


    I've finally set up a simple guestbook for the site. Feel free to sign in. No registration required.

  • Boogey Man 2


    It looks like Angela is no longer involved in Boogeyman 2, so this site won't be covering that any longer. But if any confirmation is received either way, I'll post it.

  • Kabluey Promo


    Director Scott Prendergast has very kindly supplied me with a promo still from Angela's new film Kabluey, which I've posted on the Photos Page. Thanks Scott!

    Check out the official Kabluey site.

  • On the Doll score


    Roadrunner Records has posted that Thomas Mignone has finished directing his feature film On The Doll, and that former Tool bassist Paul D'Amour is now working on the score.

    ITMT, check out the Doom Inc. website.